At La snerm, you will be able to find a very diverse range of material such as quality audiovisual contents, interesting photographs, practical and selective travel guides for your week-ends, and some essential equipment in limited series. In short, everything you need in order to practise post modern activities in this early 21st Century.

Designed in our Research Center for a Consistent Creativity of Suresnes, France, made by craftmen and manufacturers selected for their proverbial know-how and their care for common well-being, the products from La snerm are guaranteed without planned obsolescence, providing you a joyful use for several years, maybe even during your lifetime.

La snerm is a global organization which pursues an ambitious yet simple double goal: providing talents a space where our mimimalist approach, associated with a deliberate lack of exaustivity, is the guarantee of an undeniable highlighting; and thus allowing the smart net surfer, to save a precious time in order to do more interesting activities than being in front of a screen during hours.

About La snerm

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our foreman, monsieur Bernard, at the following email address :